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TV Content Production Grants 2013/14

This grant round has now closed. Submissions closed at 5:00PM 28 February 2014 (AEDT).

This grant category is an incubator fund that aims to support content production encouraging greater participation, creativity and innovation in Australian community television productions.

Consideration of TV Grants is the responsibility of the TV Grants Advisory Committee (TVGAC). In 2013/14 appoximately $300,000 is available in this grant category. Grants will be announced after 23 May 2014.

We strongly encourage you to discuss your project with the relevant CBF Grants Administrator before submitting your application. They can provide advice on the types of projects funded in this category and what information you should include in your application.

For assistance in applying please see links to further information below. If you would prefer to apply for the grant using a word processing document contact the CBF Grants Administrator.


We are happy to launch this grant opportunity in partnership with Pozible, who have offered their support to applicants wishing to match funding allocated by the CBF with funds raised through a Pozible campaign. The partnership will include:

  • A workshop from Pozible specifically tailored to successful grantees from this grant round on how to run a successful campaign; and
  • Inclusion in the CBF Collection on Pozible, with additional promotion through Pozible and the CBF’s networks.

CBF Grants Administrator:

Jon King   
Telephone: (03) 8341 5966 

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This grant round has now closed.  While the grant guidelines for the next round may change, the guidelines for the last round are below for your reference. 

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Guidelines for TV Content Production Grants

Please read these grant guidelines before you apply.  Even if you frequently apply under this category, read them each round, as the grant guidelines are regularly revised.  The grant guidelines include important information about this grant category including what you can use the grant for and the criteria used by the TV Grants Advisory Committee to assess your application.

1. What is the objective of the TV Content Production grant category?

This grant category is an incubator fund that aims to support content production encouraging greater participation, creativity and innovation in Australian community television productions.

We have prepared an example TV Content Production grant application based on a successful 2012/13 grant for Channel 31 Melbourne and Geelong's production of Queer Young Thing for your reference.

2. Who is eligible to apply?

You can apply for a TV Content Production grant if you are:

  • community television station, including ICTV as the remote Indigenous community television service.
  • an incorporated non-profit organisation, including a Remote Indigenous Media Organisation (RIMO), that has obtained an agreement from a licensed community television station or ICTV to broadcast the proposed production.

Community television stations, RIMOs and ICTV may apply on behalf of incorporated and unincorporated production groups, including government entities, through an auspicing arrangement.

Eligible community television stations include:

Productions previously supported by a CBF TV Content Production grant are not eligible to apply again at this time.

3. How much can you apply for?

An amount up to $20,000 per grant may be applied for. However projects under $10,000 are more likely to be funded considering the budget guidelines detailed in section 5.

Applicants can submit one application per round, with the exception of community television stations, RIMOs and ICTV, which may apply multiple times per round.

The amount available in 2013/14 is approximately $300,000.

4. What are the priorities in this grant category?

Each priority is not required to be met but applications that do address one or more priority area will be looked upon more favourably.

We will prioritise:

  • productions by volunteer crew and talent;
  • productions by new and emerging producers;
  • productions by and for an identified community; and
  • an overall diverse range of programs.

5. What can you use the grant for?

Production of programs, series or one-off specials for broadcast on Australian community television.

The grant can be used to cover costs relating directly to program production, such as:

  • Production equipment hire;
  • Studio or venue hire;
  • Materials for set design;
  • Costume/make-up;
  • Interpreters, subtitles and captioning;
  • Specialist music and copyright purchases (maximum $1,000);
  • Local (intrastate) travel costs;
  • Station/organisation administration fees (maximum 10%).

Things that may be funded if adequately explained why they are needed:

  • Producer, crew and talent wages;
  • Catering;
  • Telephone calls, internet access, printing and administration costs directly related to the project;
  • Hire costs for or maintenance of equipment you own;
  • Interstate travel; and
  • Expensed small equipment and software specifically relevant to the project (such as portable hard drives and editing software).

We encourage programs to seek sponsorship and other income sources to support the production, provided there is an agreement in place with the licensee distributing the program.

It is expected that you will detail your own in-kind contribution and additional funding sources and expenditure in your application budget.

What conditions apply?

6. What can't you use the grant for?

  • Productions costs incurred prior to 1 June 2014.
  • Purchase of capital equipment.
  • Overseas travel.
  • Production or distribution of DVDs.
  • Marketing and promotions.
  • Projects that are currently or more appropriately funded in other CBF grant categories.
  • Productions that would be more appropriately funded through other means.

7. What does the committee look at when assessing your application?

Applications will be competitively assessed and prioritised against the following assessment criteria:


Application form question



Why is this project needed?

Need - The project will solve a problem or meet a need as described in the grant category objective  
Priority - The project addresses the identified category priorities


How will the project be delivered?

Planning - Your proposal demonstrates thorough planning of the project.  
Value - The methods you choose to conduct this project are cost effective for the outcomes to be produced.


Who is involved?

Capacity - You demonstrate that you have access to the skills and resources to undertake and complete the project.  
Stakeholders - You identify people / partners who will contribute to  and  benefit from the project.


What will the project achieve?

Impact - The project will provide lasting outcomes for your organisation, community and/or the wider community broadcasting sector.  
Evaluation - You identify how you will measure the success of the project. 

8. What should you include in the application?

  • A web address to a pilot, previous or similar production by the producer and/or production team
  • synopsis or treatment
  • In order to be considered, non-profit organisations (independent production groups) must provide a copy of a letter or agreement with a community television licensee demonstrating commitment to broadcast the production
  • production schedule
  • sponsorship plan (if relevant)
  • Cast and crew list (if relevant)
  • Filmography of key cast and crew (if relevant)
  • Letters of support from participating organisations and businesses (if relevant)
  • Other supporting documents and quotes  (if relevant)


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